For those of you who are interested in health-promoting activities during your stay at Kamala Heights we can offer you a HEALTH PACKAGE.

You can chose to do the program in this package as many days as you wish.

We can also adjust the content in the package so that it suits your needs.

One day with our HEALTH-PACKAGE can look like this:
When you wake up a refreshing and energizing nutrition supplement called POWER COCKTAIL is served in our pool-bar. Its good that you drink this cocktail on an empty stomach to maximize the absorption of this substance into the body.
A healthy breakfast-buffet’ containing homemade muesli, fruit and vegetable drinks and other health-promoting ingredients is served in the upper kitchen.
Our driver will take you down to the beach with our minibus for a one hour walk or run after breakfast.
Out local practitioners down in the village will come up to the house and give you a massage in the shaded pool-area before lunch.
In the afternoon Jack Farras, or one of his co-workers from Yoga republic, will come to our house and give you a yoga lesson on the upper terrace (or conference room if it’s too hot outside or raining. If you’re less than 10 persons we will drive you to the Yoga republic studio in the neighbor village Bang Thao.

In the evening we show videos in conference room on subjects like:

1/ Yoga,
2/ Nutrition supplement (Fitline)
3/ Physical and mental training

If you’re minimum 10 and maximum 20 persons we can also get local lecturers come to our house to talk about one of the subjects mentioned above.

Before you go to bed a RESTORATIVE-drink is served in the pool-bar. The ingredients in this drink will, as you can here from the name, restore the nutrients in your body while you’re at sleep, so you can wake up to the next morning and feel ready to start up your new day.

As said before this program can be adjusted to fit you need and wishes. If the weather doesn’t allow outdoor-activities we replace the walk/run with an indoor-activity like meditation or yoga.

For prices and other info about the HEALTH-PACKAGE and booking you’re welcome to write to me, Jonas at

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