Jonas Sandberg


Licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist specialized in cognitive mental training and clinical hypnosis, i.e. hypnosis used to solve various kinds of psychologically caused problems.

I have completed a three-year training in clinical hypnosis treatment for psychologists, doctors and dentists, and also taught in this. For more than thirty years I have worked with business leaders, sports women and men at the elite level (including Olympic teams), companies, organizations and individuals. Over the years I have developed my own methodology in the field of mental training and hypnosis primarily with Milton Erickson as inspiration.

I have organized courses and conferences on mental training, personal development and leadership training for athletes and executives. Moreover, I have participated in programs on hypnosis on television and been interviewed about hypnosis on radio and in various magazines such as Chefen and Modern Psykologi (see headline: Intervju i Modern Psykologi). I have also lectured on trauma treatment using hypnotherapy at various international conferences on clinical and experimental hypnosis. I have written articles and books about cognitive self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a colleague. One of the books is for sale on this website under WEBSHOP. Parts of the articles can be found under the heading: Veckans dialog.


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