Kamala Heights is a spacious tree-floor villa located in a quiet area. In this oasis you can spend time together with your family, friends, or working colleagues, for recreation, conference or both.
The villa has three kitchens, one on each floor, in varying sizes, and altogether 7 bedrooms. Two on them upper floor, 3 on the middle floor and 2 on the lower floor. All together we have 22 beds.
Til we’ve got our small hotel license confirmed (hopefully by January 2024) we can however only rent out 4 rooms.
The bedrooms vary in size but all of them are air-conditioned. They also have big, efficient roof-fans, that you can use daytime. Nighttime you normally need to use the air-con. Like the rest of the villa all bedrooms are equipped with high-speed fiber Wi-Fi internet. They also have flat TV screens with 90 international channels and safety boxes big enough to house your laptop, camera etcetera.


On the top floor you have two big bedrooms, one outdoor living room, one big kitchen and a big  terrace.

In the spacious, well-equipped kitchen you have double fridges and freezers, double gas stoves, coffee machine, juice machine, etc. Here you can make your breakfast and cook your lunch and dinner.

If you prefer to be in the sun you can lie down, in one of the sunbeds, on the big terrace from with you have a breathtaking view over the sea, the valley and the mountains.

If you wish to arrange barbeques, the upper terrace is an excellent place for this. We have two big grills up here (one for fish and one for meet) and portable tables and chair for twenty people at your disposal for these occasions. A local Thai restaurant in the village below, named Popay, that we work a lot together with, can come up to the villa and make the barbeque for you.




On the middle floor there are three bedrooms.

Here you also have a nineteen-meter long infinity pool with Jacuzzi and a shaded pool area with a bar next to it,  where you can make yourself a refreshing drink. Here you can also get a relaxing massage while listening to nice, soft background music, transmitted through speakers in the ceiling.

The pool and the Jacuzzi have an electronic water cleaning system. Therefor chlorine is not needed. All water in the house comes from our own spring. The water is Clear, Clean, and definitely drinkable.

On the middle floor, there is also a conference room for twenty people, with Hi-fi surround audio system. This room can also be used for yoga, dancing, table tennis and cinema.

On this floor you also have a small reading room with two extra beds that can be used when needed.




On the ground floor you, among other things,  have a small apartment containing two double bedrooms, kitchen and bath room. This unit can be rented together with the rest of the villa or separately.




We also have our own well-equipped minibus (with TV, surround sound system, and comfortable chairs) for maximum fourteen passengers. Our driver can pick you up and drop you of at the airport, about 45 minutes’ drive from the house.

You can book the bus for transport to the village of Kamala, the beach in Kamala etc. For trips to other destinations on the Phuket Island you can either book our bus or rent your own car from us.

You can also rent motorbikes from us.




One important reason why people chose to book our villa seem to be that you can get privacy here that you do not get in a hotel.

To get time to spend together and to relax, focus on your own, your family’s, your friend’s or colleague’s wellbeing, you need a staff to do all the practical things for you. Like cleaning the house, the pool, washing and changing bedclothes etc. Kamala Heights has this team.

All these things, and all other kind of daily maintenance of the house, is always included in the price. The only cost that is not included is for electricity.

For an extra cost you can also get your cloths washed and ironed.

Our managers, who lives next to the house, can help you out, if you have any practical wishes, needs or problems to be solved, during your visit.

They can also help you book local trips and events.  For more information please have a look under the headings: HOLIDAY PLANNER and TRIPS/EVENTS

In our guest reviews you can read what our guests think about our house etc.