Living in Thailand


The number of foreigners residing part- or full-time in Thailand has steadily increased for the past ten years. The country has had an impressive development and is today one of the most modernized countries in Asia. The Thai population can be characterized as friendly, calm and serviceminded which makes your life pleasant and comfortable.

The crime rate is still very low in international comparison. Due to modernization and internationalization job opportunities are growing for foreigners interested in making a living in Thailand. The price level in Thailand is still very competitive and you can afford a higher living standard than in most other countries. Some examples of average prices in US$:


Cheap fast-food meal $1
Beer in supermarket $1
Beer in restaurant $2
Three dish meal, local food $8
Three dish meal, international food $11
Internet, 30 min $1,50
Taxi, 10 min $2
Petroleum, per litre $0,6

Phuket is considered one of the principal tropical island destinations in Asia with an excellent infrastructure, including international schools, hospitals and airport. Phuket Island has a very favourable climate. The climate is tropical but relatively dry and the average temperature in Thailand is over 30 degrees Celsius all year round. The figure below shows average temperature for each month and the number of rainy days each month on the lower line:



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